[erlang-questions] error_logger events sent by emulator

Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Mon Apr 28 00:03:48 CEST 2014


Loïc wrote:
>I am playing with error_logger handlers at the moment. I notice that I
>receive events like this one:

>{error, <0.68.0>, {emulator,"~s~n",
>                          ["Error in process <0.649.0> on node
>'ct@REDACTED' with exit value:

>I remember reading about these from a previous discussion but I can't
>find it right now. If I recall they are messages sent directly from the
>C code, and again if I recall there was suggestions about removing this
>type of error entirely and/or replacing with Erlang code instead of
>making the C code aware of the error_logger.

I think the earlier discussion you remember starts here (my mail):


My biased summary of the thread:

  - Everyone agreed the behaviour was unfortunate/nobody was a fan of it.

  - I thought it was so pointless that it might be possible to ditch
    the emulator code entirely, i.e. just don't report those errors.
    Others thought that might be a bad idea, though nobody gave a
    concrete example which showed why.

  - Anthony Ramine suggested a way to improve the current situation
    without tossing the code. It didn't feel satisfying, but it might
    be the least worst approach.

I ended up dealing with the problem by avoiding it---I wrapped spawn()
so that the errors I was seeing never made it to that emulator code.
proc_lib:spawn() does the same thing. But it looks like your problem
is more general than mine was.


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