[erlang-questions] running multiple instance of app release

Alex Shneyderman a.shneyderman@REDACTED
Thu Apr 24 23:31:34 CEST 2014

have a look at the two links below for inspiration:


their technique is to provide per instance/node parameter files and
generate separate releases for each node (specifying parameter files
to rebar on command line and specifying output directory). They both
use riak-core but you could copy their use of rebar without the need
for riak-core.


On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 5:09 PM, Geib, Mark <Mark.Geib@REDACTED> wrote:
> I recently decided to change the way I build erlang applications for delivery to my internal customers. Prior to this change my deliverable was basically the ebin, maybe the include, directory for my application that would be located in /usr/lib/me/lib/myapps/.... To run the application I would export ERL_LIBS as /usr/lib/me/ the start the node with -sname -config, etc. and off it went. In this way I can run the application many times with different -sname args.
> Now I am building releases with rebar. However, one thing I don't understand is how I can run more than one instance of the application on the same host. It appears that the generated script for starting/stopping the application does not support command line options/arguments. Without being able to set the node name how can run the same app more than once.
> Releases are very attractive for my group, but what we need is to able to do something like:
>         /opt/me/myapp/bin/myapp start -sname node01 -config node01
> and then
>         /opt/me/myapp/bin/myapp start -sname node02 -config node02
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