[erlang-questions] strange crypto error in R16B03

James Wang icy.ocean@REDACTED
Wed Apr 23 05:12:51 CEST 2014

Hi all,

We are running R16B03 nodes (SuSE10SP1 maintained by our cloud vendor)
which uses ibrowse to initiate https requests to remote services. We
restart the nodes every week and they worked fine until recently.

Ever since the last 2 restarts we have been experiencing a number of
failures on our servers, logs show the error is caused by
crypto:generate_key/3 (dh) returning a single atom 'error'.

We observe the error may start to show up at arbitrary points in time, and
once it starts to fail, all subsequent calls to crypto:generate_key/3 on
that node returns 'error'. The only solution we found is to restart the
node, on some occasions more than once.

I'm not familiar when the details of crypto, and counldn't find any
solution/explanation for this error after some googling. Can anyone shed
some light on how to deal with this problem?

PS the OpenSSL version installed is: 0.9.8a
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