[erlang-questions] the record volates the declared type when I analysis the code

Solomon solomon.wzs@REDACTED
Fri Apr 18 11:40:20 CEST 2014


I declared a record like this:
-record(kv, {key::string(), value::integer()}).

and I create a mnesia table to save the record 'kv'

I select the table like this:
mnesia:dirty_select(table, [{#kv{key='_', value='$1'}, [{'>', '$1',
10}], ['_']}]).

then I analysis the code:
dialyzer --plt ./.depsolver_plt ./ebin/my.beam

and I get the error:
Record construction #kv{key::'_', value::'$1'} violates the declared
type of field key::string() and value::integer()

How should I fix the error?


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