[erlang-questions] erlang autobuild

t x txrev319@REDACTED
Mon Apr 14 06:02:54 CEST 2014


  In clojurescript, I can do something like:

  "lein autobuild"

  which basically means, any time src/**/*.cljs changes, recompile everything.

  Is there a similar way to do something like the above in erlang ?

  I would like to do :

  "erlang-magic autobuild"

  so that any time I save a file in src/*.erl, it does:

  "make" (since I'm running erlang.mk)
  _rel/bin/release/my_app stop
  _rel/bin/release/my_app start



Basically, I want a "file save" in Emacs to trigger:
  * recompile
  * kill old app
  * start new app

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