[erlang-questions] Erlang 17 issue with dialyzer and nowarn_deprecated_type

Shayan Pooya shayan@REDACTED
Fri Apr 11 16:03:05 CEST 2014


In order to make Disco compile with Erlang 17 without warnings, I added
nowarn_deprecated_type to silence the warnings.  However, after doing so,
dialyzer fails with the following error:

ddfs_master.erl:345: Attempt to test for inequality between a term of type
'false' and a term of opaque type 'false' | gb_set()


Oddly enough, a simple s/gb_set()/gb_sets:gb_set()/g in this file fixes
this issue but I do not want to do that since it breaks the builds for
older versions (and that's the reason nowarn_deprecated_type has been

Any suggestions?  The error message itself does not make much sense to me.

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