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nickel chen nickelchen@REDACTED
Fri Apr 11 08:41:46 CEST 2014

anyone information,  please? i'm stucked at this problem.
nickel chen <nickelchen@REDACTED> 于 2014年4月10日, 星期四, 3:24 下午 写道:
 Hi all, I'm new to erlang and I'm learning the code of ejabberd 13.12, I already have ejabberd installed, then start it with

sudo ejabberdctl start

There is a crash message in /var/log/ejabberd.log

2014-04-10 14:37:56.520 [info] <0.7.0> Application ejabberd exited with reason: bad argument in call to erlang:iolist_to_binary([916,953,945,956,972,961,966,969,963,951,32,928,961,972,963,946,945,963,951,962]) in translate:'-load_file/2-fun-2-'/3 line 91

i added some debug info to the source code ` translate.erl`  and recompile ejabberd. then start it again, below is the debug message:

2014-04-10 14:37:56.517 [info] <0.38.0>@translate:load_file:87 File is: <<"//lib/ejabberd/priv/msgs/el.msg">>, Orig is:"Access Configuration", Trans is: [916,953,945,956,972,961,966,969,963,951,32,928,961,972,963,946,945,963,951,962]

well it's clear that there are unicode characters in I18N translation , when passed to the erlang:iolist_to_binary/1, it crashed with badarg, because iolist only accepts byte( ) binary( ) and other iolist( )

9> erlang:iolist_to_binary([256]).
** exception error: bad argument
     in function  iolist_to_binary/1
        called as iolist_to_binary([256])
10> erlang:iolist_to_binary([255]).

My question is simple, how to get around with this problem and get ejabberd launched?

Thanks in advance!
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