[erlang-questions] Controlling an Erlang system process

Garrett Smith g@REDACTED
Mon Apr 7 12:21:30 CEST 2014

Historically I've used run_erl + to_erl to daemonize and
programmatically interact with an Erlang system process (i.e. VM).

I don't care to use distributed Erlang because it relies on epmd and a
second node -- two moving parts that should not be required for
something as simple as, say, shutting down an Erlang system.

On R16 at least, to_erl has some strange "search" artifact that breaks
this functionality:

$ echo "init:stop()." | to_erl /path/to/pipes/

I'll check out more recent releases to see if this is fixed.

But while run_erl/to_erl works, I've never liked it for controlling
Erlang system processes. I think I'd like a native wrapper that can
start an Erlang system and that handles OS signals, passing them
through to a custom handler in Erlang.

Has anyone seen/written something like this?


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