[erlang-questions] security concerns

Loïc Hoguin essen@REDACTED
Fri Apr 4 14:30:59 CEST 2014

I do not know of any programming language that provides automatic secure 
communication between nodes (most don't provide anything at all, meaning 
you have a lot more to take care of yourself), or access control for 
calling built-in functions (often just a matter of pushing a file to the 
server one way or another) (some languages allow *disabling* functions 
entirely, which is not the same).

The post does not mention any, nor does it give any hint as to what 
should be considered for addition to Erlang.

Distributed Erlang comes with very little to support multi-DC, 
considering it's fully meshed, deals badly with netsplits (global for 
example) and so on and so forth. It would be very surprising to see 
secure communication available before the other problems are solved.

On 04/04/2014 02:10 PM, Arif Ishaq wrote:
> I just saw a post by Carlos-Trigoso on the security, or rather lack
> thereof in Erlang
> (http://carlos-trigoso.com/2014/03/04/security-taken-lightly/) .
> It seems like a fair evaluation. Is there anything in the making to
> improve on it?
> Thanks and best regards

Loïc Hoguin

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