[erlang-questions] kv store as a service

t x txrev319@REDACTED
Fri Apr 4 14:10:13 CEST 2014


  This is my current setup:

  * a bunch of $5/month digital ocean droplets [1]

  * these droplets have a 20GB SSD harddrive

  Now, I need to have a gigantic key-value store. I don't want to deal
with the error condition of "error: you ran out of disk space"

  In my particular design, I only have "create new value". I don't
have "update value". Thus, I don't have to worry about invalidating
caches, and intend to use the 20GB SSD drives as as "cache" for the
real key-value store.

  Now, my question is: what should I use for my key-value store?

  I want to optimize for:

  * minimum cost
  * minimum administration

  Currently, the best I have is Amazon S3. (I'd prefer to not setup my
own Riak cluster + deal with replication + how many servers to run +
... ). I'm okay with the 99.99% (or whatever SLA Amazon S3 provides).

  Question: Is S3 the right approach as a giant K-V store for my
Erlang nodes to hit, or should I be using something else?


[1] This is not an advertisement for DO. I do not have any DO equity.

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