[erlang-questions] Farewell to Erlang

Loïc Hoguin essen@REDACTED
Tue Apr 1 14:55:40 CEST 2014


He's gone! Party time!

On 04/01/2014 02:54 PM, Anthony Ramine wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> Some of you might know me, some don’t, anyway it has been three years that I am contributing to Erlang and it has been a very exciting time for me. I have learnt a lot by fixing compiler bugs, messing with xmerl, the build system etc.
> Unfortunately, I feel like I have reached a point where I can not improve things anymore, because the community is too closed.
> For this reason I am now stopping all my Erlang contributions and will now become an Elixir hobbyist, as it’s where the future of the platform is. The future is homoiconic.
> Thanks for coping me with me all this time.
> Regards,

Loïc Hoguin

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