[erlang-questions] Dangers of generating a large erlang module

Ivan Uemlianin ivan@REDACTED
Sun Sep 29 12:50:15 CEST 2013

Dear Anthony

Thanks for your comment.

Yes, that's exactly what the generated module is doing.  The generated 
module has a single function with many clauses like this:

     f(<<"trigger", Rest/binary) -> ...

This is why (as far as I can work out) the generated code has to be so big.

I prefer the idea of generating and loading code to, say, updating a 
database table, because it seems faster and less likely to lead to 

Best wishes


On 29/09/2013 11:38, Anthony Ramine wrote:
> Hello Ivan,
> Out of curiosity, what does it look like?
> Pattern matching on literal values in Erlang is done with a binary search over the sorted list of patterns, I am not sure this would play well with your use case even if the compilation didn't bring the VM down.
> Regards,
> Le 29 sept. 2013 à 11:29, Ivan Uemlianin a écrit :
>> All goes well on small test files, but the files I want to use IRL are relatively large --- around 120,000 lines.

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