[erlang-questions] Erlang/OTP installs broken Hipe app

Michael Truog mjtruog@REDACTED
Fri Sep 27 19:01:46 CEST 2013

I know I have this problem when Erlang is compiled with:
./configure --enable-threads --enable-smp-support --enable-kernel-poll --disable-hipe

I have a hipe Erlang application installed with hipe.beam mentioned within the hipe.app file, but the hipe.beam file does not exist.  So, the first problem is that hipe is installed in a broken way when it is disabled.

The second problem is that there is an attempt by reltool to include hipe when it is not a dependency for any Erlang applications involved in the release.  An example reltool.config file that avoids this problem with "{app, hipe, [{incl_cond, exclude}]}," is https://github.com/okeuday/CloudI/blob/master/examples/hello_world2/reltool.config .  So, you can explicitly prevent reltool from making the mistake of forcing hipe into your release for no reason, however, there should be no need to do so.

I believe this has been a bug in the recent group of R16 releases, but I am not sure if it goes back further.

On 09/27/2013 09:42 AM, Tristan Sloughter wrote:
> If you install R16*, I know this is the case for source with hipe
> disabled and the Erlang Solutions deb package which doesn't include
> hipe, it installs a hipe app: erlang/lib/hipe-
> This "app" contains some beam files and hipe.app. BUT hipe.app lists
> modules that don't exist, like hipe.beam!
> If hipe is enabled when you compile/install the hipe app is not broken
> like this. Same with if you install the erlang-hipe package from Erlang
> Solutions along with the erlang package.
> Why is this the case? This breaks relx because it expects all apps it
> searches (even if it is not including that app in the release) to be a
> proper OTP app. I think it may be an issue with reltool as well, but
> "fixed" by "{app, hipe, [{incl_cond, exclude}]}," which is a horrific
> solution.

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