[erlang-questions] Erlang/OTP installs broken Hipe app

Tristan Sloughter tristan.sloughter@REDACTED
Fri Sep 27 18:42:47 CEST 2013

If you install R16*, I know this is the case for source with hipe
disabled and the Erlang Solutions deb package which doesn't include
hipe, it installs a hipe app: erlang/lib/hipe-

This "app" contains some beam files and hipe.app. BUT hipe.app lists
modules that don't exist, like hipe.beam!

If hipe is enabled when you compile/install the hipe app is not broken
like this. Same with if you install the erlang-hipe package from Erlang
Solutions along with the erlang package.

Why is this the case? This breaks relx because it expects all apps it
searches (even if it is not including that app in the release) to be a
proper OTP app. I think it may be an issue with reltool as well, but
"fixed" by "{app, hipe, [{incl_cond, exclude}]}," which is a horrific

  Tristan Sloughter

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