[erlang-questions] Running edoc:application( ) on Windows 7, but it's not finding any modules

John R. Ashmun john.ashmun@REDACTED
Fri Oct 11 04:34:57 CEST 2013


I have a new application, MIX, the directories of which are organized as
recommended in Erlang And OTP In Action, e.g., given that my Erlang-y home
directory is

c:\Program Files\erl5.9\usr\john

the application's top level is "MIX" in my home directory, and in it are


There are two modules in src (and the corresponding .beam files in ebin,
along with MIX.app).  There is also an overview.edoc file in doc.

I was hoping that, from a command prompt with MIX as its current directory,
that running

werl -pa ebin

and using

edoc:application( 'MIX', ".", [] ).

in the shell would find these modules (which are named 'MIX' and 'M') and
generate some documentation, but this doesn't succeed, although a nice,
rather empty Overview is generated.

On the other hand, using

edoc:files( [ "src/MIX.erl", "src/M.erl" ] ).

does produce documentation about the modules, but files( ) doesn't make use
of the overview.edoc file, so the Overview is really empty.

I expect that I am just not running the right command from the right
location, but after three hours of trying everything I could think of, I
need help, please.

John Ashmun
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