[erlang-questions] Erlang cluster over a WAN link?

Alexandre Beaulne alexandre.beaulne@REDACTED
Mon Oct 7 10:13:29 CEST 2013

Hello everyone,

I am working on two tightly coupled (but physically separated) Erlang apps
communicating between each other by TCP over a WAN link. I was curious why
an Erlang cluster wasn't used in this case and searched around a bit with
no clear cut answer. I read that it's generally a bad idea to set up a
RabbitMQ cluster using WAN instead of LAN, but if I understand well it has
to do with the fact that RabbitMQ lies on the
Availability/Partition-tolerance axis of the CAP theorem while in our case
we'd be more on the Consistency/Partition-tolerance axis so it might make
it more suitable for a cluster? The WAN in question is a leased line that
has been solid historically and the number of nodes will probably stay at 2
in the foreseeable future.

Anyone here has successfully run an Erlang cluster over a WAN link?

Is there good reasons to use a plain vanilla TCP connection rather than an
Erlang cluster in this use case?

It is sad to have a nice, concurrent Erlang application having to funnel
into a single, sequential "TCP" process only to re-branch on the other side
of the connection...

Thank you very much for you time,

Alexandre Beaulne
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