[erlang-questions] myproto development status (erlang as an SQL server)

Max Lapshin max.lapshin@REDACTED
Fri Nov 29 10:59:04 CET 2013


Some time ago Manuel has released myproto library:

This is an implementation of mysql server protocol.

Why does it matter?  We are speaking a lot about web and about http
services, but all modern languages and frameworks like PHP or Ruby on Rails
have excelent SQL connectors and ORM on top of them, but horrible HTTP

No, really! HTTP is a too young thing to start support it seriously. SQL is
more mature, so it is much easier to retrieve data into modern Rails app
via SQL than via some REST request.

I know only one software that uses this approach: it is Shinx search engine
that has refused from it's private protocol and now uses only mysql

It is a good idea, because you don't need to support clients anymore: every
language in the world has mysql adapter.

Myproto library implements this server protocol and also makes some sql
parsing. Of course, I understand that writing full SQL parser will take
ages, so let's say that it focuses on most trivial requests.

I had to make some fixes to myproto (including trivial fixes like buffering
tcp flow, because there are no messages in tcp =), so right now Ruby on
Rails 3.2 can connect to erlyvideo and request stream list, opened sessions
and their history, etc.

My fork is https://github.com/flussonic/myproto but I hope that Manuel will
accept it.
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