[erlang-questions] Developing killer / open source apps

Miles Fidelman mfidelman@REDACTED
Tue Nov 26 17:26:40 CET 2013

Masklinn wrote:
> Miles Fidelman wrote:
>> Tim Watson wrote:
>>> On 26 Nov 2013, at 12:01, greim wrote:
>>>> PeerBook = Social media as peer to peer software, encrypted 
>>>> communication with NO central server.
>> Isn't that called USENET? :-)
> It’s true that USENET is decentralised, but it still has servers, and
> AFAIK most usenet traffic is not encrypted. Sounds more like a darknet,
> like W.A.S.T.E or Freenet.

Not to be pedantic, but USENET meets "no central server" but not "peer 
to peer" (unless, of course, each peer is running a server). But yes, 
Freenet is probably closer in spirit.

Having said that - does anybody remember the "Netscape Collaboration 
Server?" Essentially a collaborative environment built on top of NTTP. 
(As I recall), it used all the encryption options available w/ NNTP, 
added a directory service and access controls (cryptographically 
enforced if I remember correctly). Essentially it made it trivial to set 
up private, secure newsgroups for work groups. Unfortunately, all traces 
of it seem to have disappeared after AOL bought Netscape. I keep 
thinking it would be worth rebuilding.

Miles Fidelman

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