[erlang-questions] [ANN] The Erlang Handbook

Omer Kilic omer.kilic@REDACTED
Mon Nov 25 12:55:41 CET 2013

Hi folks,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of the Erlang 
Handbook, A CC-licensed concise guide to the language and the runtime to 
complement already existing documentation and material out there. It is 
located at [1].

Originally written by Bjarne Däcker and later revised by Robert Virding, 
the Erlang Handbook is a summary of the language features and the 
runtime system. It is aimed at people with some programming experience, 
serving as a quick introduction to the Erlang domain.

The current preview can be obtained from [2], if you don't have a LaTeX 
toolchain setup. If you do, the Makefile should be your friend. You will 
need the minted package (and pygments) for the syntax highlighting magic 
should you choose to compile your own.

Our goal is to maintain this handbook as a live document so please file 
corrections and suggestions for improvement about the content using the 
issue tracker. You may also fork the repository and send a pull request 
with your suggested fixes and improvements. New revisions of the 
handbook will be published after major corrections.

Comments, PRs and questions welcome!


[1] http://opensource.erlang-solutions.com/erlang-handbook/

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