[erlang-questions] question regarding compiling with erl_interface.lib and ei.lib for windows application

Andy Wang awang@REDACTED
Thu Nov 14 22:36:39 CET 2013

Hi there,


I was trying to compile the port example program from otp documentation.
Upon implementing all the routines, I tried to compile with cygwin and
got the error that the functions like erl_init are undefined.


I was able to determine that MS C/C++ compiler was used to compile the
.lib files. I then tried to compile with that and the compiler is
complaining about the linux headers like netdb.h in ei.h...


I'm wondering if you guys are using a different header for the library
compilation? If not, what was the setup during the windows library


I'm not planning to build .exe on linux nor would I build it on PC with
linux header. I'm hoping to find a solution so we can distribute this
within the organization.








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