[erlang-questions] Cowboy and Ranch 0.9.0 released

Loïc Hoguin essen@REDACTED
Thu Nov 14 17:23:36 CET 2013

Hello shiny people,

Cowboy 0.9.0 has been released. Ranch 0.9.0 has been released too! So 
let's start with that.

Ranch 0.9.0 is just stability improvements, better error reporting and a 
couple new SSL options.

Cowboy 0.9.0 is using it of course, and also has official SPDY support 
(documented and everything!), a revamped cowboy_static (built-in 
mimetypes support, and also documented), tons of additions to the guide, 
tons of user patches and other changes you can find here:

   *  https://github.com/extend/cowboy/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md

Which reminds me, I want to thank all 70 awesome contributors (myself 
included) that make the Cowboy project so fun to work on! So, thank you!

When upgrading, please be aware that:

   *  A dependency has been added, cowlib
   *  Various undocumented functions have been moved to cowlib
   *  The options for cowboy_static changed a lot, so read the guide
   *  You need to set ERL_LIBS or equivalent for cowboy_static to find 
your private directory now

You can find the updated guide on http://ninenines.eu BUT do note that 
I'm migrating the site so if you do not see "Contribute to this site" in 
the bottom left next to "Contact", then you are on the old version and 
should probably head to github for your documentation needs, or use the 
files in your clone directly. I also have improvements left to make to 
the site to make navigating documentation easier, so stay tuned!

Speaking of the guide, now all the examples, but also the getting 
started chapter of the guide, are releases. I am hopeful that this will 
make more people use releases by default instead of an awful start.sh 

For details on what's coming up next, see the ROADMAP. Next step (0.10) 
is finishing the request body work, fixing some timeout issues and 
adding proper multipart support for both requests and responses. This 
will be the last significant step before 1.0. I have hopes that all this 
will be ready around the time R17 is released.

So yeah, enjoy! And as always please forward any feedback, especially 
related to the user guide as this is my main focus now.

Loïc Hoguin
Erlang Cowboy
Nine Nines

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