[erlang-questions] reload application configuration

Ignas Vyšniauskas baliulia@REDACTED
Tue Nov 12 11:17:25 CET 2013


I've too struggled with this problem quite a few times.

One thing I never got to try out: What about pushing relups with only
configuration data changed? Then you get versioning for free, you can
also specify how each application should deal with the new configuration
data (just update it / stop / restart gen_servers, etc).

You get all the release goodies and would basically just need to write
some scripts to generate "light" relups.

Your application's would also need to have a proper `config_changed/2`
callback, but this IMHO is much nicer than rolling your own thing.

If you are doing releases and relups already (and you should!) then this
seems like a decent path to follow.


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