[erlang-questions] Erlang package managers?

Olav Frengstad olav@REDACTED
Thu May 30 16:41:26 CEST 2013

Hey Steve,

You are touching on something different than "how to maintain my
dependencies". As i see it there are 2 cases where you need to select
correct dependencies: when you run the app and when you run tests.

For the first one can easily be solved if you generate a release for
every run, you will then specify the version to include in reltool (i
use relx from erlware which has a nice way to specify dependency
versions). Otherwise your are stuck with same approach as when running

For the second one it depends on how you invoke your tests, I add
everything in lib/* to the codepath and assume there are no conflicts.

Is there a need for running applications with specific dependency
versions? So far i have managed fine by adding everything.

2013/5/30 Steve Davis <steven.charles.davis@REDACTED>:
> I'm a bit bemused about the whole "deps" thing and am likely being naive
> about this issue.
> However, it seems to me that ERL_LIBS works pretty good for me... except
> where we have "deps" on particular versions.
> I'm throwing it out that if our apps were reliably semantically versioned
> (www.semver.org) and that the .app file were updated to recognize versions
> in
> {application, _, {applications, [...]}}
> ...where atom was "latest" and {atom, version} were some .ez or other
> ERL_LIBS folder...
> ...would that not solve a whole raft of the issues here?
> Interested in the responses :)
> /s
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