[erlang-questions] Mnesia: Whether it is good for my application! help?

aman mangal mangalaman93@REDACTED
Fri Mar 29 18:44:16 CET 2013

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on this forum! I am new to erlang, just started using
it a month ago or so. Since I have come across erlang, I have become such a
big fan of it that I have started working on a product in erlang for a

Coming to the point, here is my question. I want to make
a distributive application. There are multiple processes running on a node.
The processes are divided in logical groups. Each group serves a specific
purpose. Each group has some data(few tables) shared among the processes
inside the group but not outside the group. Now my question is that whether
to use mnesia or not to store the data? If I don't use mnesia, I'll store
the data as state in a gen server processes running in the group. In that
case I don't know how will I will keep back up of the data for the case
when any node goes down.

Also my database can grow as large as thousand tables each having hudred
entries on a node. Is mnesia a good idea to use for such a large (I'm not
sure whether it is large :P ) database? Is there any free alternative to
mnesia? Please note that there is no inter node communication in order to
get data except with the back up node!

Please help. If anything is not clear, let me know.
Thank you in advance

Aman Mangal
3rd year Undergraduate
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
IIT Bombay
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