[erlang-questions] oe_obj?

Chris King colanderman@REDACTED
Sun Mar 31 00:26:06 CET 2013

(resend, original seems stuck in moderation?)

Hi, I'm playing around with IC and the c_client backend.

All the generated stubs seem to want an "oe_obj" parameter of the type of
my interface (which is typedef'd to CORBA_Object).  My assumption is that
this is analogous to the OE_THIS parameter required by the stubs generated
by the erl_genserver backend (i.e. it's the gen_server's PID), but:

1) I see no function (analogous to oe_create/0,1,2) capable of generating
such a value, unless I explicitly declare one in another interface (which
of course has the same problem), and

2) this value seems to be unused by all the generated code.

The c_client example seems to pass in NULL for this argument, instead
obtaining the PID manually and storing it manually in the
CORBA_Environment structure.  This seems... odd.

What am I missing?  Why does oe_obj not do what I expect?


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