[erlang-questions] Appearance of carriage return in a erlang.log on UNIX

Antoine Koener antoine.koener@REDACTED
Sun Mar 10 20:29:54 CET 2013

Erlang doesn't have a clue about your .1 file.
See more about your log rotation program.
Also your log file doesn't look like a sasl or error logger file...

On Sunday, March 10, 2013, Valentin Kuznetsov wrote:

> Hi,
> I built OTP application using rebar build tool and when I'm running on
> UNIX systems (both OSX and Linux) I see that created erlang.log.1 file has
> dos '\r' carriage return symbols in every line. I look-up on a web and did
> not find any reference about such behavior. I'll appreciate any suggestions
> why this happens (I don't think it's related to my application per-se and
> rather feel that it's somehow introduced by rebar, but I'm not sure). The
> carriage return symbols appears right after logging started message and
> follow up ever line after that. Here is an example of the head of my log.
> =====
> ===== LOGGING STARTED Sat Mar  9 20:55:02 EST 2013
> =====
> Exec:
> /Users/vk/Work/Languages/Erlang/urlfetch/rel/urlfetchd/erts-5.9.3/bin/erlexec
> -boot
> /Users/vk/Work/Languages/Erlang/urlfetch/rel/urlfetchd/releases/1/urlfetchd
> -mode embedded -config
> /Users/vk/Work/Languages/Erlang/urlfetch/rel/urlfetchd/etc/app.config
> -args_file
> /Users/vk/Work/Languages/Erlang/urlfetch/rel/urlfetchd/etc/vm.args --
> console^M
> Root: /Users/vk/Work/Languages/Erlang/urlfetch/rel/urlfetchd^M
> Erlang R15B03 (erts-5.9.3) [source] [64-bit] [smp:2:2] [async-threads:5]
> [hipe] [kernel-poll:true]^M
> ^M
> ^M
> Thanks,
> Valentin.
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