[erlang-questions] [ANN] erlbrew - bash script to help automate side-by-side Erlang installs on OS X

Tim Watson watson.timothy@REDACTED
Wed Mar 6 17:25:30 CET 2013

I did exactly the same thing a while before I knew about kerl - https://github.com/hyperthunk/evm/blob/master/evm. Mine doesn't even download/install, as I have a tendency to install OTP from git/source rather than the source tarballs. Funnily enough, a couple of weeks ago I wrote something similar for Haskell/GHC - https://github.com/hyperthunk/bashtools/blob/master/utilities/ghc-env.

Maybe one day someone will build a nice tool that can be configured to do this for any underlying tool chain, rather than having rvm, rbenv, virtualenv, cabal-dev, kerl, etc etc... :)

On 6 Mar 2013, at 16:10, Mark Allen wrote:

> The purpose of erlbrew is intended to help automate side-by-side Erlang
> installations (on OS X only for the moment) and about 30 minutes after I
> published it on github, I came across kerl
> (https://www.github.com/spawngrid/kerl) which is basically the same idea
> but with far more panache and features.
> I made erlbrew to scratch an itch I'd been feeling for a while at my
> $DAYJOB.  I tried searching high and low for a tool which did this
> automation, and although I tried a bunch of different queries on
> $SEARCH_ENGINE, I never found anything especially helpful for automating
> Erlang builds from tarball on down especially when you wanted to install a
> bunch of different Erlang releases and switch between them for various
> purposes.
> Oh well, maybe someone else will find erlbrew useful or maybe it will suit
> their way of thinking about this problem better than kerl. One major
> difference is the user is in charge of munging a shell $PATH instead of
> leaving it up to the tool. So if you don't like automation mucking around
> with your shell environment, maybe erlbrew is for you.
> https://www.github.com/mrallen1/erlbrew
> Pull requests are very welcome too.
> Thank you.
> Mark
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