[erlang-questions] [ANN] erlbrew - bash script to help automate side-by-side Erlang installs on OS X

Mark Allen mallen@REDACTED
Wed Mar 6 17:10:51 CET 2013

The purpose of erlbrew is intended to help automate side-by-side Erlang
installations (on OS X only for the moment) and about 30 minutes after I
published it on github, I came across kerl
(https://www.github.com/spawngrid/kerl) which is basically the same idea
but with far more panache and features.

I made erlbrew to scratch an itch I'd been feeling for a while at my
$DAYJOB.  I tried searching high and low for a tool which did this
automation, and although I tried a bunch of different queries on
$SEARCH_ENGINE, I never found anything especially helpful for automating
Erlang builds from tarball on down especially when you wanted to install a
bunch of different Erlang releases and switch between them for various

Oh well, maybe someone else will find erlbrew useful or maybe it will suit
their way of thinking about this problem better than kerl. One major
difference is the user is in charge of munging a shell $PATH instead of
leaving it up to the tool. So if you don't like automation mucking around
with your shell environment, maybe erlbrew is for you.


Pull requests are very welcome too.

Thank you.


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