[erlang-questions] style question - best way to test multiple non-guard conditions sequentially

Daniil Churikov ddosia@REDACTED
Mon Jun 24 14:51:47 CEST 2013

Hello Jonathan, hello list.

In _some_ cases to avoid such validation nesting I use try/catch and 
pattern matching:

        v1 = proplists:get_value(p1, L),
        v2 = proplists:get_value(p2, L),
        v3 = proplists:get_value(p3, L)
        _:_ ->
            %% handle exception here and return
            %% or re-throw it

But you should clearly understand what code you will wrap with try/catch. 
It is possible hide some errors inside this block,
so i try not not wrap complex logic inside, only some input validators.
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