[erlang-questions] Core erlang wildcards and sequences

Ludovic Demblans ludovic@REDACTED
Wed Jul 31 21:02:13 CEST 2013

Hi everybody,

I'm building a small DSL which compiles to Erlang VM. I have two
questions about how to achieve this.

First, if i want compile this pseudo code

     a = something
     b = do_something_with(a) %% involves a
     ... rest of code ...

I end to build the following (pseudo) core erlang code:

     let A = something
         in let B = apply do_something_with(A)
             in ... rest of code

I printed dummy erlang code to core erlang representation and it
resulted in the same forms, namely a stack of 'let expressions'.

Is that ok ? Are there better ways to achieve this in certain situations ?

Then, i want to implement wildcards ( _ ), so in core erlang i create
a regular variable (which is never used) to match any value. Again, is
there a better way to do this, does one more variable involves more
overhead (i assume the compiler will optimize it anyway) ?

One more question !! I figured out that operators like + are calls to
erlang:'+'. I would like to play with the cons opearator but neither
erlang:'|' nor erlang:'cons' seems to exist. Is there another name ?
This is not important, just for fun.

Thank you


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