[erlang-questions] Testing a large, heterogeneous system

David Welton davidnwelton@REDACTED
Wed Jul 31 10:55:04 CEST 2013


> If you want to limit setup/teardown of the external parts (like your custom
> hardware), meck [1] is a great tool for mocking
> all or a subset of external dependencies.

Cool, that looks very useful indeed - thanks!

> Without knowing the internals of your system it's hard to give specific
> advice, but if you have a bunch of state-full stuff proper [2]
> has some very powerful tools for testing states and reasoning about what
> should be valid before and after state transitions. Checkout proper_statem
> [3] and this [4] example of a very useful test implementing the
> proper_statem callbacks.

Looks interesting - are there any examples?  It looks a bit ...
abstract.  With limited time and Erlang abilities, we need to aim for
stuff that gets the most coverage with the least amount of work.

Thank you
David N. Welton



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