[erlang-questions] Issues with stdin on ports

Per Hedeland per@REDACTED
Tue Jul 30 15:30:49 CEST 2013

[I'm ignoring your "Reply-To: bengt.kleberg@REDACTED" header - it
 seems inappropriate for a message sent to the mailing list that doesn't
 concern private/personal matters.]

Bengt Kleberg <bengt.kleberg@REDACTED> wrote:
>The summary (at the end) is very good, but perhaps it is missing
>something? The documentation seems to say that it is possible to close
>stdin by adding the option 'out' to open_port/2

Well, 'out' actually says to close the *other* direction, from external
process to Erlang - 'in' is more like what the OP is after. But both of
them take effect from the outset, i.e. a *uni*-directional channel is
created. What is asked for is a way to achieve the same effect later on,
specifically after having written some data in the ('out') direction
that is to be closed.


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