[erlang-questions] Can not delete a dead node

Solomon solomon.wzs@REDACTED
Fri Jul 26 03:33:45 CEST 2013

I found the problem, mytable run at read_only mode.

Because I can not restart b@REDACTED, I can not call
mnesia:change_table_access_mode(mytable, read_write), the error message was
"All replicas on diskfull nodes are not active yet". So How should I solve
this problem?

2013/7/25 Håkan Mattsson <hm@REDACTED>

> In order to remove node b@REDACTED from the Mnesia schema you must:
> 1 stop Mnesia on node b@REDACTED
> 2 run mnesia:del_table_copy(schema, b@REDACTED) on node a@REDACTED
> 3 never try to start Mnesia on node b@REDACTED again
> If that does not work, you need to investigate how Mnesia looks at
> these tables. Use mnesia:info(), mnesia:schema(schema) and
> mnesia:schema(mytable) to get more info about the Mnesia
> configuration.
> /Håkan
> On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 12:51 PM, Solomon <solomon.wzs@REDACTED> wrote:
> > My cluster has 2 nodes:a@REDACTED and b@REDACTED, I call
> mnesia:del_table_copy(schema,
> > b@REDACTED) to delete b@REDACTED, which was at a dead node, it was fail and the
> error
> > message was {aborted,{no_exists,mytable}}, but mytable was exist at a@REDACTED
> ,
> > both a@REDACTED and b@REDACTED had a disc copy of mytable. what is the problem of
> > mytable and how should I delete b@REDACTED?
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