[erlang-questions] Arrow keys in erl started by cygwin mintty terminal

Serge Aleynikov serge@REDACTED
Wed Jul 24 23:48:33 CEST 2013

Thanks. Looks like it solves the problem with up/down keys but tab
command completion still doesn't work.

Looks like there's another alternative to rlwrap called conin that
addresses the same thing
(http://code.google.com/p/mintty/source/browse/utils/conin.c?r=662), but
it also doesn't heal the tab issue.  Maybe I'll play with conin later to
add that support, as it seems quite simple...

On 7/24/2013 4:24 PM, Nikolaos Bezirgiannis wrote:
> Serge Aleynikov <serge@REDACTED> writes:
>> Hi,
>> Does anyone have an idea how to configure a cygwin terminal running erl
>> on Windows so that it would recognize the up/down arrow keys?  While the
>> up/down keys work fine in werl and in erl that was started from Windows
>> command prompt, I have a trouble with them working in erl started by
>> cygwin's mintty - the cursor moves up/down screen beyond the current
>> line of the shell, and my attempts to address the issue by editing
>> ~/.inputrc haven't succeeded.
>> Serge
> Suggestion:
> Install the utility rlwrap from the Cygwin repository,
> and after that run from the console: rlwrap erl
> Regards,
> Nikolaos
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