[erlang-questions] Are crash dumps collecting my garbage?

Fred Hebert mononcqc@REDACTED
Thu Jul 18 18:25:40 CEST 2013

Hi everyone.

I was investigating a refc binary leak in a couple of production nodes,
and had a few questions regarding Erlang crash dump following some
discoveries I made.

tl;dr: is the Erlang VM garbage-collecting refc binary references
       when generating the crash dump or am I not reading the dumps


First of all, I diagnosed the binary refc leak problem by using a
function a bit like follows:

    MostLeaky = fun(N) ->
             fun({K1,V1},{K2,V2}) -> {V1,K1} =< {V2,K2} end,
                  {_,Pre} = erlang:process_info(Pid, binary),
                  {_,Post} = erlang:process_info(Pid, binary),
                  {Pid, length(Post)-length(Pre)}
                  _:_ -> {Pid, 0}
              end || Pid <- processes()]),
    %% Pairs = MostLeaky(25).

I ran this function on a production node, using the 'binary' option of
process_info/2 to get the list of binaries referenced by the process. I
quickly found I had processes leaking dozens to hundreds of thousands of

I took a similar node, running the same code at the same time in the
same cluster and under a similar load and let it crash dump once it got
out of memory.

I noticed that the fields `=proc_heap:Pid` in the crash dump often
referred to binaries (in `=binary:Id` fields) by using
`<Hex>:Yc<Id>:Hex` and decided to write a script[1] to find what
processes were hogging refc binary references when the node died.

However, I found out that this script gave me output that made it look
,ike there was no actual refc leak (highest counts were fully
reasonable), and there was a huge discrepancy in the values returned by
the `=memory` field and the individual binary sizes (calculated by using
the prefix in `HexPrefix:HexBinary` in each `=binary` field). The
results I had, for example, were:

    binary: 3360361264
    binary-memory-counted: 138502020

I expect a difference to be had due to how they're stored with the
refcounts, fragmentation and everything, but I do not expect this to
cause an overhead of 24:1 between the two data sets I counted, which
would be mighty scary.

Have I made some kind of mistake in my script or understanding of the
crash dump when counting for refs, or is the VM really omitting the
garbage-collectable references to refc binaries when dumping?


[1]: https://gist.github.com/ferd/6030174 (awk to show biggest processes
hogging references, and refc binaries with their respective refc count)

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