[erlang-questions] Enhancing the ETS API

Jay Nelson jay@REDACTED
Thu Jul 18 09:49:45 CEST 2013

For context, here is a sneak preview of ets_buffer as part of the soon to be
announced dk_cxy project:


I am still reconsidering the LIFO approach, but FIFO and Ring buffers
I believe are complete. I welcome any tips, corrections or contributions.
This code was generalized from some specific code developed in
production. While it passes the included minimal common_test suites, it has
not yet been rolled back into production.

Concurrency control is working in production
but has not been updated to the latest ets_buffer calls and generational
caching is running (rather nicely I might say) in production but has not been
ported to the Open Source repository yet.


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