[erlang-questions] [ANN] myproto 0.2.0

Manuel A. Rubio "Bombadil" bombadil@REDACTED
Wed Jul 17 19:42:39 CEST 2013


new release of the MySQL server side protocol. I only add a new 
feature, a PEG for MySQL parse and a new (optional) config param to 
activate or deactivate it. By default this feature is off.

The main idea is you can receive a query as:

   SELECT password FROM users WHERE username = 'user42';

And the 'gen_myproto' module developed, receives:

     params = [ #key{name = <<"password">>} ],
     tables= [ #table{name = <<"users">>} ],
     conditions = #condition{
         op1=#key{name = <<"username">>},
         op2=#value{value = <<"user42">>}

I'm adding eunit tests too, in this moment I have tests only for PEG.

More in the next releases :-)

Manuel Rubio.

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