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Subject: What does ":gen" do in this case?
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I'm looking at this code:

spawn_CerebralUnits(IdsNPIds, CerebralUnitType, [Id | Ids])->
  PId = CerebralUnitType:gen(self(), node()),
  ets:insert(IdsNPIds, {Id, PId}),
  ets:insert(IdsNPIds, {PId, Id}),
  spawn_CerebralUnits(IdsNPIds, CerebralUnitType, Ids);
spawn_CerebralUnits(_IdsNPIds, _CerebralUnitType, [])->

On the line where PId is bound, you have this
"CerebralUnitType:gen(self(), node()),".  CerebralUnitType is an atom
"cortex".  So
what does :gen do in this case?

Ah, just saw your response Thomas.  Yes, you're correct.
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