[erlang-questions] Unable to start mnesia DB.

Karolis Petrauskas k.petrauskas@REDACTED
Mon Jul 8 15:06:35 CEST 2013

Additional info. The processes with highest reductions are with the
following "current functions":


I am not sure if its related, but all the tables that are loaded
successfully, have no DCL files.


On Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 2:16 PM, Karolis Petrauskas

> Hello,
>     I cannot load table after erlang node restart. Mnesia prints no
> errors, just is loading the database for very long time. The database is on
> single node, all tables are disc_copy. In total the DB is ~220 MB. On
> startup, the last thing the mnesia prints is:
>     Getting table my_db_lnk (disc_copies) from disc: local_only
> Size of this table (my_db_lnk) on disc is is ~36 MB in the DCD file and ~7
> MB in he DCL file. This table is not the last table to be loaded in the
> database. IO at that time is almost zero, but CPU is used heavily (200% on
> machine having 2 cores). I was waiting for 3 hours for this table and then
> aborted. Tried to restart the node with the following options:
>     bin/app console_clean -mnesia debug trace -mnesia auto_repair false
> But situation has not been changed. mnesia:info() shows several of my
> tables as active, but not all. After printing "Getting table...", mnesia
> prints "Transaction log dump initiated by time_threshold: already_dumped"
> from time to time.
>     How could i debug this situation?
> Karolis
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