[erlang-questions] Real time audio transcoding with a port driver

Dan Bender danbenderr@REDACTED
Mon Jul 1 15:10:49 CEST 2013


I need to transcode live audio streams with avconv with a port driver.
I need to be able to handle hundreds of concurrent streams.

What is the cost of creating a port driver?
Is it ok to create a separate driver instance for each stream or should a
single driver handle all the streams?
I know that I can create hundreds of thousands of erlang processes. Is this
also true for port drivers or am I supposed to use no more than a few dozen.

What is the cost of sending binary audio packets to the driver and
receiving the binary result?
Is it important to do as much work as possible in a single port driver or
is it ok for example to separate the encoding and decoding to two separate
Will using a port driver scale when using a large number of streams?
Will the port driver block erlang processes?

Is there a better option than a port driver?

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