[erlang-questions] Improve $handle_undefined_function

Tony Rogvall tony@REDACTED
Tue Jan 22 16:39:41 CET 2013

Regardless of -extends() should be dropped or not I think $handle_undefined_function is a great addition
to the runtime system. It allows for various experiments and hacks. No one forces you or any other one to
use it. So please just look in an other direction for a while. Screaming in terror? Stop being such a wimp.


> This statement alone makes me go back to thinking -extends() should be dropped, and if not, $handle_undefined_function shouldn't be used and should be dropped; it's incompatible with tools, prone to user error, and is going to make half the community scream in terror.
> As Jose Valim said right after you, the parse transform can simply look at the original module directly. If it can't, then there's no fixing it.
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