[erlang-questions] [ANN] Ranch 0.6.0 Xmas Edition Released

Max Lapshin max.lapshin@REDACTED
Thu Jan 3 10:30:30 CET 2013

Loic, it would be great to hear a bit, what problems have you met with.

What issues with stability can be in acceptor pool?

Also I have question about updating protocol options: have you done
something with the problem that after updating protocol options existing
workers are running with old config?

On Tuesday, December 25, 2012, Loïc Hoguin wrote:

> Ho ho ho!
> I have just tagged version 0.6.0 of the Ranch project!
> Ranch is a socket acceptor pool for TCP protocols.
>   https://github.com/extend/**ranch <https://github.com/extend/ranch>
> Ranch is used by the next version of Cowboy, 0.8.0, set to be released
> early February, but also in Basho's Riak multi-data center replication
> amongst others.
> All tickets have been resolved. A significant contribution was made by
> Andrew Majorov to improve the fault tolerance capabilities of the
> application, making sure it always restarts properly when things go wrong.
> This has been made possible thanks to the amazing project from Daniel Luna,
> chaos_monkey (https://github.com/dluna/**chaos_monkey<https://github.com/dluna/chaos_monkey>
> ).
> The guide has also been improved and completed.
>   http://ninenines.eu/docs/en/**ranch/HEAD/guide/introduction<http://ninenines.eu/docs/en/ranch/HEAD/guide/introduction>
> If the guide isn't enough, drop by our new IRC channel dedicated to
> Cowboy, Ranch and all our other projects! #ninenines on Freenode.
> Following is the list of change since last time:
>  *  Improve fault tolerance thanks to chaos_monkey testing
>  *  Add 'nodelay' option to transports
>  *  Add 'verify' option to ranch_ssl transport
>  *  Add 'socket' option to pass an already open socket to the listener
>  *  Add Transport:sendfile/2 function (uses a fallback if unavailable)
>  *  Allow IP tuples in Transport:connect/3
>  *  Add ranch:set_max_connections/2 to update the value live
>  *  Add ranch:get_max_connections/1 to retrieve it
> We are always looking for feedback, especially now that there is no ticket
> left open on this project. If you are using Ranch and have questions or
> needs that it doesn't cover, please send them to us.
> Commercial support will be available starting from January, ping me if you
> are interested. Details will be announced at a later time on the
> ninenines.eu mailing list.
> I want to thank all contributors for helping this project by opening
> tickets, sending patches and offering feedback. I am as always very
> grateful for any and all contributions. I wouldn't have made it this far
> without the tremendous help I receive everyday.
> Thanks to all and have a nice holiday!
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