[erlang-questions] is anyone else experiencing reliability issues with R15?

Fred Hebert mononcqc@REDACTED
Thu Sep 20 03:02:04 CEST 2012

We've had problems in R15B01 with particular statistics functions 
related to schedulers, as described in 

To date there is no solution and we just stopped using these functions, 
going back to run queues.

We also have seen a non-negligible increase in CPU usage from R14B* 
versions, easily around 20% or so during regular workload, although it 
didn't seem to affect heavy overload situations too negatively for us 
(no precise measurements were made for this, just casual observations). 
It remained high no matter what arguments we gave to the VM.

We have noticed nodes getting locked-up in R15B01 from time to time when 
memory on the server is getting rare, taken by other applications -- it 
seemed we had a lot of contention on proc_tab mutexes, but nothing came 
out of it. We eventually reduced memory usage in other applications and 
things have been rather stable since then.

Other than that, everything appeared normal, and none of the blocking 
incidents could be directly attributed to issues you appear to have. We 
haven't seen memory ballooning except in occasional error logger cases, 
but most of our processes are extremely short-lived (well under <150ms).

On 12-09-19 4:11 PM, Rapsey wrote:
> We run a network of custom built streaming servers doing video 
> streaming and transcoding of IPTV channels.
> On R14 everything runs great. But switching to R15, gen_servers 
> inexplicably block and don't respond to messages, even the console 
> blocks and does not respond to input for 30s or so, processes baloon 
> taking up large amounts of memory for no reason. All at random times, 
> but gets much worse once there are more users connected to the server 
> doing a lot of req/s or receiving a lot of data.
> We're running ubuntu server and start erlang with these switches:
> erl +Bd +S 4 +P 1000000 -env ERL_MAX_PORTS 100000 +K true +A 32
> Are we alone having problems with R15? We tried R15B01 and R15B02.
> Sergej
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