[erlang-questions] Good examples of failures and restart

Torben Hoffmann torben.lehoff@REDACTED
Wed Sep 19 11:35:39 CEST 2012


My old professor is looking for some good examples of failures and 
restarts, so I was wondering if any of you could recommend a good 
project to look at.

A bit of context: he has written a book on introduction to programming 
using F# (hold your horses) and is now trying to find some good examples 
of how to handle failures and restarts.
His agenda is to show how one can do decent concurrent programming in F#.
He is intensely smart despite being retired and will be able to read 
through Erlang without any issues.

My thinking is that Erlang is the best solution for these things - it 
will not change his choice given his commitments - but then we should be 
able to give him some good examples of how this is handled in Erlang. 
Then he can experience the pain of implementing these things in F# and 
maybe start mixing Erlang and F# down the road. (Yes, I tend to have 
wishful thinking, but as an Erlang Priest I am obliged to think like 
that ;-) ).

Thanks in advance,


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