[erlang-questions] Presentation on Erlang in Utrecht the Netherlands, looking for speaker on 27th sept or 25th oct or 29 nov.

BjornW burobjorn@REDACTED
Fri Sep 14 13:45:54 CEST 2012


I wasn't sure were to send this email, so please excuse me if this is
the wrong place to ask these things and please point me in the right

My name is Bjorn Wijers and I'm organizing together with Jeroen Tietema
a local informal grassroots technology oriented meetup in Utrecht the
Netherlands called HackersNL*

For our next few meetups we're looking for people to speak about certain
topics. One of those topics is programming languages (previously we've
had a speaker on Scala) and we'd like to invite a speaker on Erlang.

Is there anyone on this list located in the Netherlands who would be
interested in giving a talk on Erlang for free?

Please let us know and send a mail to contact@REDACTED Alhtough our
website and meetups are usually in Dutch we welcome English speakers as
well. For those of you interested have a look at our website
http://hackersnl.nl or send us an email: contact@REDACTED

* it will soonish be renamed into BEEA which stands for Bits Electrons
and Atoms in Dutch.



met vriendelijke groet,
Bjorn Wijers

* b u r o b j o r n .nl *
digitaal vakmanschap | digital craftsmanship

Van maandag t/m donderdag vanaf 10:00
Vrijdag is voor experimenteren en eigen projecten.

Postbus 14145
3508 SE Utrecht
The Netherlands

tel: +31 6 49 74 78 70

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