[erlang-questions] [ANN] The Erlang Development Tool Suite

Thomas Järvstrand tjarvstrand@REDACTED
Mon Nov 26 09:27:49 CET 2012

Using Emacs for your Erlang development? Of course you are!

The Erlang Development Tool Suite for Emacs will make your life a lot

The Erlang Development Tool Suite (EDTS) is a package of useful development
tools for working with the Erlang programming language in Emacs. It bundles a
number of useful external packages, together with specialized Erlang plugins for
them, and its own features to create a complete and efficient development
environment that is easy to set up.

Currently EDTS provides:
- A snazzy erlang shell wrapper with syntax highlighting and auto-completion.
- In-buffer flymake-like compilation
- In-buffer xref checks
- Rudimentary project support
- Code navigation.
- Auto-completion, using auto-complete-mode
- Auto-highlighting, using auto-highlight-mode
- Convenient access to Erlang documentation
- In-buffer running of unit tests

In the works:
- Dialyzer integration
- A nice interface to the erlang debugger

Find it at:

Special thanks to the people who have helped me turn this into what it is:
Samuel Rivas, João Neves, Håkan Nilsson, Markus Näsman and my eager group
of beta-testers at the Klarna Engineering Department.

Feedback, feature requests and patches would all be highly appreciated.

Thomas Järvstrand
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