[erlang-questions] app for watching/monitoring other erlang nodes

Zabrane Mickael zabrane3@REDACTED
Tue Nov 20 19:43:49 CET 2012

> The adoption of any technology entails risk, of course. Nagios is a
> complex beast, lots of moving parts. If you can get by with something
> simpler, you eliminate a host of potential problems.

or create bunch of problems you won't deal with them.

> I've spent a lot of time dealing with Nagios quality issues, and
> eventually decided to never use it again. If I knew that ahead of time
> I could have skipped all that. So yeah, risk.

Still can't understand why people spent time using bad designed softwares.
No serious person uses Nagios these days.

Give "Shinken" a try:

You can bind to it using Thrift (or write plugins in Python ...):

We're able to monitor +300 nodes in 2 datacenters (Europe, USA).

my 2ct

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