[erlang-questions] Install win64 r15B02 on Windows 2012 server issues

Mark Ward ward.mark@REDACTED
Thu Nov 8 18:39:06 CET 2012


I have a freshly created Windows 2012 x64 server with GUI.  The first
application to install was erlang.  It appears the win64 installer fails to
install all of the files required for erlang OTP R15B02.  The win32
installer works.

I am using the otp_win64_R15B02_with_MSVCR100_installer_fix.exe installer
and the 32bit version.  Below is more details about what happened.

1. Ran otp_win64_R15B02_with_MSVCR100_installer_fix.exe as administrator.
 It found the C runtime library was not installed but it didn't prompt or
run the installer for the c runtime library.  The installer continued
without error.  The path "c:\program files\erl5.9.2 exists but the sub
folder "bin" did not exist.  It appears the win64 installer didn't install
all files.

2. Uninstalled win64.  No errors given during uninstallation.

3. Ran otp_win32_R15B02_with_MSVCR100_installer_fix.exe as administrator.
 It found the c runtime library was not installed.  It prompted and
installed the runtime and the rest of the installer went without error.
 The win32 version worked.

Thinking the c runtime library installation was the issue...

4. Uninstalled win32.  No errors given during uninstallation

5.  Ran otp_win64_R15B02_with_MSVCR100_installer_fix.exe as administrator.
 The installer detected the C runtime library was already installed and had
it unchecked in the installer.  The installer then ran and gave no errors.
 The path "c:\program files\erl5.9.2 didn't contain the "bin" folder.  The
win64 was incomplete.

Since then I have reinstalled the win32.

So far the issues with the installation of the win64 is repeatable.  Please
let me know if there is anything I can do to further help identify if this
is a real issue.

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