[erlang-questions] suggestions for implementing sftp server?

Alex Babkin ababkin@REDACTED
Fri Dec 21 03:03:10 CET 2012

Hi all (long time lurker, first time poster here)

I am trying to implement a system that acts like an 'sftp proxy', basically
i'd like it to provide an sftp server front so clients could upload files,
then the system would crunch/check those files and, upon completion, sftp
them onto a remote (3rd party non-erlang independent) sftp server (guess
i'll use erlang's ssh ftp client for this part).

>From the initial research, there is very little blog/example material on
this and it's not very clear how to implement a sftp server from the
official erlang docs.

So my questions are
- what modules and in what way should i use them to come up with a sftp
- once a file is uploaded onto it, what hooks am i to use to grab the file
and process it / transmit it further

Thanks in advance
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