[erlang-questions] Help running Erlang as a Service on XP Embedded

Daniel Lewis DanielLewis@REDACTED
Wed Dec 12 17:42:02 CET 2012


I need some help getting Erlang to run as a Windows service on XP Embedded.

I am using RabbitMQ for a project I have been assigned, which has Elang as a dependency. This works well on Windows 7, and Windows XP, but I also have to target XP Embedded.  This is a non-clustered configuration (currently all components are on one machine)

Everything runs well when I start all the components in the foreground.

If I start it as a service, I see epmd.exe, erl.exe, and erlsrv.exe running, but it seems like the broker does not respond:

C:\PROGRA~1\TICKET~1\TMDS\rabbitmq\sbin>rabbitmqctl.bat status

"c:\progra~1\ticketmaster\tmds\erlang\bin\erl.exe" -pa "C:\PROGRA~1\TICKET~1\TMDS\rabbitmq\sbin\..\ebin" -noinput -hidden  -sname rabbitmqctl -s rabbit_control
-nodename rabbit@REDACTED -extra status

Status of node 'rabbit@REDACTED' ...
Error: unable to connect to node 'rabbit@REDACTED': nodedown
- nodes and their ports on DANIEL-WYSE: [{'RabbitMQ',1052},{rabbitmqctl,3072}]
- current node: 'rabbitmqctl@REDACTED'
- current node home dir: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator
- current node cookie hash: ak3qKWQRwDfzEGk9nwYiVQ==

Are there possibly permissions issues? I can grant the service permissions if I knew which ones applied.  Any other ideas?  I'd appreciate any help I can get

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